Jazz Band

312 Jazz Band 1

Credit: 1 credit/DeLaSalle weight

Description: Selection into this ensemble is based on playing ability along with the needs of the group. An emphasis is placed on learning fundamental skills, techniques, and styles associated with performing jazz band music. Admission is based on prior training on a band instrument and private audition. Students of Jazz Band perform in school concerts, festivals, twice a month sectionals, and home basketball games as part of the Pep Band. One or two contests/festivals are also scheduled which provide an opportunity for the band to be evaluated by objective professional experts. These performances, while outside of class hours, are considered part of the course requirements and attendance is expected. Freshmen may enroll in this class with the consent of the instructor.

PREREQUISITE: Audition and consent of the instructor.

Required Materials:

  • Instrument and music
  • Pencil
  • iPad, with a Metronome and Tuner app
  • SmartMusic subscription
  • Saxophones and clarinets – a minimum of three working reeds at all times, all doubles when needed
  • Trumpets and trombones - valve oil, slide grease, and mutes (trumpets should have cup mute, harmon mute, and plunger; trombones should have cup mute and plunger)
  • Percussionists – sticks and brushes
  • Guitarists and bassists – two working patch cables, extra set of strings, and tuner