The Bridge

Progress Report Week 1 to 15

The Bridge Program is a progressive approach combining the pursuit of focused academic and athletic goals. The Bridge Program consist of a full school year of studies and athletic training. Student athletes participating in the Bridge program enroll with Connections Academy, an accredited online school that gives students the flexibility to learn and prepares them to excel in school and in life with an award-winning curriculum, direct parent involvement and caring teachers and personalized instruction. The Bridge Program provides these same motivated athletes on and off ice training.

The training consists of on-ice sessions, off-ice strength and conditioning workouts at Ufit and vision training with Gary Kalloch of Eye on Performance. Kim Johnson of The Athletes Yoga provides yoga instruction and Jordan Denning of COG sports works with each Bridge participant to identify and train the mental intangible factors that impact an athlete’s success. This page includes a short video progress report of goalies participating in the inaugural year of the Bridge. Drills were recorded the first week of the program and then on week fifteen. There are 38 weeks of training during the year and this is the first of three video progress reports throughout the school year.

Bridge Progress Report, Week 1 to 15, Kevin.mp4
Bridge Progress Report, Week 1 to 15, Brendan.mp4
Bridge Progress Report, Week 1 to 15, Anthony.mp4