Stable Isotope Geochemistry

@Stony Brook University

Welcome! Our group is interested in reconstructing the physical and biogeochemical conditions in ancient environments. As the above title suggests, we do this by measuring stable isotope ratios - primarily of carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen - in a wide variety of natural materials, including minerals and organic compounds.

We are currently working on developing and applying a number of novel and technically challenging measurements: carbonate clumped isotopes, an elemental analyzer capable of measuring carbon and nitrogen isotopes on very small samples, and, eventually, triple oxygen isotopes. Our laboratory space houses basic sample preparation facilities, organic and acid fume hoods, a multipurpose vacuum line for handling gases, and two isotope ratio mass spectrometers.

We’re still spinning up here at Stony Brook University, so stay tuned for laboratory developments, expansion of the group, and future conference abstracts and publications. The Department of Geosciences has a long history of excellence in analytical geochemistry, and a number of exciting collaborative opportunities exist across campus with the Turkana Basin Institute, The Interdepartmental Program in Anthropological Sciences, and the School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences. I am formally affiliated with all these centers and can therefore (co-)supervise students across campus.