Ten Tips for Effective Remote Learning!

Believe in Yourself!

Look at this situation as the opportunity to gain new experiences and enjoy non-traditional learning!

Get Familiar with the Technology!

As we prepare to learn virtually, familiarize yourself with resources such as Blackboard, Echo360, the Virtual SINC Site, and more!

Get Organized!

Set up your computer so that you can easily access assignments and readings. For example, add Blackboard as a shortcut on your desktop screen and make a study schedule!

Create a Routine!

Plan out a daily routine so that you will always have time to study. This will make staying on track a lot easier!

Communicate Through Writing!

You may be participating in more online discussions with classmates and, should you have a question, you will be reaching out to your instructor virtually.

Know Who to Ask for Help!

Is your virtual test not working? Have a question with Blackboard? Reach out to your Instructor! Have an academic tech question? Use the Velaro chat service!

Create a Study Space!

Get some peace and quiet, turn off your cell phone, avoid games, don't get lost in web surfing, set up good lighting and comfortable seating! And, of course, prep some snacks.

Remember to Be Assertive!

Have a question? Need help? Remember to be assertive when asking for help from instructors or classmates and make sure you are heard!

Keep Taking Notes!

In order to stay on track with your studies, continue taking meaningful notes as you would normally.

Check Your Email & Blackboard Regularly!

Since you won't be meeting with professors in person, they will communicate all important information via email/Blackboard so remember to check those services regularly!