Keep Learning!

Everyone at Stony Brook University - faculty, staff, and students – is working together to continue your educational experience.

Hey, Seawolves!

Learning online may seem new and unfamiliar to you and your instructors. There are several methods for students and faculty to stay connected.

  • Login to Blackboard, read your course syllabi, and use your SBU branded email to communicate with your Instructors.

  • Turn your camera on. When you’re in a physical classroom you’re visible; in an online classroom be visible too. Your instructor may call on you in class. It’s easier to communicate clearly – and engage fully – when you’re able to see each other.

  • Chat: it’s not just that you can communicate with your peers, but that your instructor can see what you communicate – which can be a powerful addition to the learning process. Keep Chat messages short and to the point.

  • Raise Hand: faculty are used to “reading the room” in the physical classroom, and this might be harder in some online contexts. You can use the Raise Hand feature to get their attention, or use Chat to ask for clarification.

Your instructor’s expectations for how you participate (speaking up, Raise Hand, submitting questions via Chat, etc.) may be different online. Make sure you understand their expectations.

If you don’t know, ask.

Before learning, remember to make sure your devices are secure!