Chapter Leaders

Purpose of the National Board

The National Board of Stonewall Sports, Inc (SSI) is a team of dedicated leaders that steward the organizational strategy and operational offerings.

  • Stonewall Sports Brand - Manages the trademark, defines the culture, and promotes the brand by highlighting the inclusive community-based work of our chapters.

  • Champion Diversity - Models the values of Inclusion by ensuring underrepresented minority voices are heard, valued, and represented. Partner with chapters to create pathways for underrepresented minority to participate and lead.

  • Leadership Development - Supports chapters with resources, creates inclusive spaces, and systems to foster collaboration.

  • Administrative / Operational Support - Manages systems, vendors, partnerships that allow for the enterprise to leverage it's collective power. Allowing chapter leadership to focus on grassroots community development efforts.

  • Facilitate Enterprise Offerings - Supports chapters by offering events, sponsorship options, and community educational resources that support the cultivation of inclusive and safe for all.

This space is for chapter leaders to access all available resources and knowledge of the collective organization as it relates to sports and their administration.

This space is dedicated to sharing best practices, common documents and forms, and other resources that are a vital part of running a successful chapter beyond sports.