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Kick-off Information for 2020-2021 Athletic Seasons

I encourage parents to watch John Sullivan's powerful video: "I Love to Watch You Play".

He does an amazing job of focusing on what the purpose of youth sports are and what the true motivation for watching our student athletes play truly is.

Important Information:

Extremely vital that you see eligibility information linked above (go to three lines far upper left corner of this page).

Attendance policy for Season I is posted in Parent Meeting.


Use our Remind messaging app to receive the latest SSMS sports updates.

Season I Completed

Cross Country

  • One race per week for 4 weeks.

  • Schedule has not been released yet.


  • First play date is Nov. 17th.

  • Play on Tuesday and Thursday.

  • With approval, start matches early due to lack of lighting (Mount Airy has lights).

  • No OT or PKs.

  • Minimal or no halftime.

  • Start boys match immediately after girls match.

  • Start Times are 3:15.

  • Matches with Mount Airy are 3:30.

  • Encourage parents to bring outdoor chairs no matter what the location.


  • First match is Nov. 16th.

  • Girls Tennis

    • Play on Monday and Wednesday.

    • 3:45 Start

  • Boys Tennis

    • Play on Tuesday and Thursday.

    • Play on Tuesday and Thursday.

    • May have to play opposite soccer for transportation purposes.

    • 3:45 Start

Winter Season: January 4th-February 12th

Season II Completed


  • 7 game season everyone plays each other once.

  • This will be a 4 week season.

  • The last play date will be a snow date.

  • Will play opposite sites for Boys/Girl to help with the crowds & social distancing

  • Game days will be Monday and Thursdays.

Cheerleading: Stokes County Board of Education & Dr. Rice made the following announcement on December 14th:

Cheerleading will be an outdoor only activity/sport this year due to COVID related restrictions.

Fall Season - February 15th-April 1st

Season III


  • We start February 15.

  • We play 5 weeks if Piney Grove doesn’t field a team we would play everyone once.

  • If they field a team you would miss playing one school in the schedule.

  • Game Times are 3:45


  • Tryouts on Saturday, January 30 (2-4 pm)

  • Secondary date of tryouts for athletes unable to be here on the 30th will be Tuesday, February 2nd from 3:30-5:30 in cafeteria.

  • Athletes should be dropped off at big gym.

  • Masks/distancing rules apply.


  • We play everyone one time.

  • 3:45 Start

Spring Season - April 5th-May 14th

Season IV


  • We would play everyone once.

  • Baseball and Softball play opposite locations.

  • The last play date would be a rain date.


  • We would have one match per week for 4 weeks of April 19th-May 10th.

  • Wednesday to be Meet days 3:45 Start.


  • Play each of the home courses 1 time.

  • 1 match per week on Tuesday (in case of rain we can move late week).

  • Courses are Mount Airy Country Club, Pilot Knob Park, Hemlock and Cross Creek.


  • 7 game season everyone plays each other once.

  • This will be a 4 week season.

  • We will play on Friday afternoon and Saturday mornings.

General Information

  • Gate admission varies from sport to sport. Gate guidelines will be announced at each parent meeting.

  • Eligibility will be based on high school guidelines. If a student was promoted in the spring of 2020 they are eligible in the fall of 2020. Spring 2021 Eligibility is back to normal.

Southeastern Stokes Middle School Sports

  • Coach Responsibility

    • # 1 Responsibility: Keep our athletes SAFE. On the field, court, tennis courts, etc.

    • # 2 Responsibility: Help our student-athletes grow as people (values of teamwork, unselfishness, handling adversity, etc.

    • # 3 Responsibility: Help our student-athletes get better every day. The first game you watch will NOT be the finished product. The last game may not be, but our coaches will help players get better each day.

  • Parent Responsibility

    • Be a positive example for all of our student-athletes- our primary responsibility is to demonstrate to our kids how to handle adversity (lack of playing time / being challenged by coaches / POOR OFFICIATING).

    • Remember that our coaches COACH because they love kids. Our coaches often choose to spend time away from their own kids in order to spend time with yours and make your kids’ lives better… How powerful is that? That demands respect… even when coaches make decisions with which you disagree.

    • Every time a parent demeans a coach in front of their son or daughter, they teach that son or daughter a lesson. What are the lessons we are teaching our kids with our own behavior? Just a thought.

    • Be sure to take a 24-hour cooling-off period if there’s a problem with a coach unless it is an issue of immediate physical safety… but we absolutely WILL listen to your concerns and address those in the proper manner.

    • Refereeing…. Let’s do the best we can. Most of them are doing the best that they can.

  • Student Responsibility

    • Don’t embarrass your family. Don’t embarrass your teammates. Don’t embarrass your school.

    • Respect authority.

  • Parents need to do the following before they leave:

    • Stokes County Schools Middle School handbook can be found online at (printed versions are available for any parent upon request).

    • Complete Emergency Sports Medicine Record (must complete one for each season in which student-athletes participate).

    • Complete Private Transportation form (must complete one for each season in which student-athletes participate).

    • Complete Concussion form (one time per year).

    • Complete Stokes County Middle Schools Athletic Participation Requirements (front and back and this is only one time per year).

    • Meet with coaches briefly for sport-specific meeting.

  • Remind 101 Form

    • Pick up forms. This is our best tool for getting information out quickly. Take as many as you need for each of your cell phone devices.

    • We would prefer you to sign up this evening if at all possible.

  • Athletes will be picked up at the following areas after practice:

    • Front of SSMS by flagpole: volleyball, soccer, cross country, girls tennis and cheerleading.

    • Behind SSMS by big gym: football ONLY.

  • Parents CANNOT drive behind the school to pick their children up. Too many students, safety hazard, parents speeding through parking lot… all NOT good. Please help us keep our student/athletes safe.

  • Fall sports pictures will take place here at SSMS on Wednesday, September 25th. Student/athletes will receive picture forms tonight.

  • PEPSI FUNDRAISER (Forms and Incentives tonight)

  • Our Foothills Middle School Conference ticket prices for adults this year. Ticket prices are as follows:

    • Adults (9th grade and up) : $5.00

    • Students (1st - 8th grade) : $2.00

    • Under first grade gets in free.

The Foothills Middle School Athletic Conference has the following ticket prices for the 2019-2020 school year. All ticket and athletic pass information can be found on the linked document below.

Athletics Slideshow

Southeastern Stokes Middle School is proud to participate in the "Stacked Deck" Problem Gambling Prevention Program. Please see below for information and resources connected to this program.

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