Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) Workshops at the SRI&ETTC

Fall 2019 - Winter 2020

The SRI&ETTC is proud to offer a calendar filled with Next Generation Science Standards workshops focused on engaging students in science, examining science curriculum and learning how to better incorporate science and engineering into everyday learning.

Implementing the NGSS (NJSLS-S) Science & Engineering Practices

October 24, 2019, 9 am to 3 pm

Students asking questions to drive their own learning, constructing scientific explanations to enhance their understanding and developing and using models to represent their ideas and the ideas of others are three explicit and essential Science and Engineering Practices called for in the Next Generation Science Standards. Educators attending this interactive and engaging workshop will:

  • facilitate an approach to deliberately teach the skill of asking questions about observations, data, informational text, misconceptions and the ideas of others (including classmates)
  • actualize a strategy through which students will effectively make claims, support their claims with evidence, construct explanations and engage in argumentation
  • recognize how and why students should develop, evaluate, and revise their own models to optimize learning in science and engineering

What Should the Next Generation of Science Teaching and Learning Look Like in the Classroom I'm Observing?

November 19, 2019, 9 am to 3 pm

Are you responsible for conducting observations in classrooms where science is all or part of the curriculum? If so, this interactive workshop is for you! The Next Generation Science classroom is not like the one in which you learned about plants, animals, space, motion, atoms, and weather. It’s the one where students make claims, support claims with evidence, construct science explanations and engage in scientific argumentation. It’s the one where students develop and use models to explain scientific phenomena. It’s the one where students engage in the iterative process of engineering design. It’s the one where conducting an observation requires a paradigm shift. District and school administrators attending this workshop will:

  • gain an awareness of the architecture, format and learning progressions of the Standards
  • actualize a strategy to deliberately teach students to ask the questions that drive their learning
  • realize what the NGSS science and engineering process look like in action
  • identify the instructional and conceptual shifts in science and engineering education
  • recognize the “must-sees” in an NGSS classroom
  • discuss the impact on your observational practice

NGSS - Two Topics Together!

January 15, 2020, 9 am to 3 pm

In this workshop participants will have the chance to explore two exciting Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) topics together.

Topic One: Science and Engineering: Perfect Together!

The NGSS has catapulted engineering education to a prominent place in all classrooms where science is taught. What should engineering look and sound like in a classroom setting? During the first segment of this interactive and engaging workshop educators will:

  • solve several engineering design challenges as part of a team
  • understand and be able to facilitate students’ understanding of the iterative nature of engineering
  • ensure that students recognize the conceptual connections between science and engineering.
  • visit web resources to locate grade/student appropriate engineering design challenges

Topic Two: Science, Engineering and ELA: Even Better Together!

ELA literacy capacities (reading, writing, language, speaking and listening, media and tech) can support and enhance how students process and make sense of science and engineering concepts. During the second segment of this workshop educators will:

  • acquire a repertoire of literacy-based activities such as: Word Splashes, Sort Cards, Relay Summaries, The Last Word, Walking Tours, Paired Verbal Fluency, meta-cognitive conversation/writing, and news/article critiques.
  • recognize ways to implement and modify the activities for diverse learners

All NGSS workshops will be presented by Ms. Barbara Mammen.

Ms. Mammen is an Educational Consultant, and former science teacher, district Supervisor of Science and Technology, and STEM Project Manager at Stevens Institute of Technology and Rider University.