Google Drive

Google drive is more than a springboard for G Suite applications. It is a complete storage repository for all files of any kind. Learn how to get the most out of this robust cloud storage by mastering the following techniques:

  • Creating files
  • Accessing files
  • Organizing files
  • Uploading and working with Office files and other non-Google files
  • Converting Files
  • Sharing Files
  • Sharing non-Google files
  • Creating and Managing Folders in Google Drive
  • Share a Resource Folder in Drive

Google Docs Introduction

Google Docs is a robust word processor that is available from anywhere. Learn the basics and a little beyond with this introductory level webinar. This session includes the introduction to sharing a doc which is a keystone technique that will transfer to ALL other G Suite applications. Topics include:

  • Create a Google Document
  • Edit and enhance a Google Document (An in depth look at the editing tools)
  • Share a Google Document
  • How to collaborate using Google Docs
  • Providing Feedback with Comments and Suggested Edits in Docs
  • Direct Comments to specific users
  • Adding links to comments

Google Sheets Introduction

Google sheets is an advanced spreadsheet program that works very much like Excel. While spreadsheets or useful for organizing and calculating numeric data they have many additional uses and are the easiest way of organizing tabular data. Learn the basics you will need to get you started using this program, you may end up using it more than you think you might once you see the capabilities. We will cover the following:

  • Create a Google Sheet
  • Spreadsheet Vocabulary
  • Formatting cells
  • Using Formula and Functions including Sum, Average, Unique, Count, If
  • Sorting Numbers, Text, or Dates
  • Organize Data Collected in a Google Sheet

Google Slides Introduction

Google Slides is a valuable web-based presentation tool that easily allows you to make your presentations available to students 24/7 on the web. Learn how to get started with this game-changing educational tool. We will cover the following topics:

  • Create a Google Slide Presentation
  • Insert and Arrange Text, Shapes, Lines, and Word Art
  • Create Linked Text
  • Change background color of Slides
  • Embed a Videos and images in Google Slides
  • Add comments to Google Slides
  • Share a Presentation

Google Forms Introduction

Google forms is the easiest and quickest way to collect data. It goes far beyond the ability to create surveys and teachers are inventing new ways to automate their classroom with it every day. Get started with this tool you will be astonished by its capabilities

  • Create a Google Form
  • Add/Edit different Question types in Google Forms
  • Choose a Response a Destination
  • Edit Form settings
  • Email Google Form to users
  • View and analyze Responses

Create Quizzes

Google Sites

Google Sites provides us with a ridiculously easy interface for teachers and students to create classroom websites for any topic. Use google sites to compile multiple G Suite documents combined with text and Youtube videos in order to create a solid and concise, meaningful lesson. Have students create project or research-based websites instead of term papers either as individuals or collaboratively. The webinar will provide you with the skills need to implement these concepts. We will cover the following:

  • Create a Google Site
  • Create Pages within a Site
  • Add Text and Images to Your Site
  • Insert/Embed Docs and Calendars on Your Site
  • Embedding Youtube Videos into your Site
  • Using the “Embed Feature to include content from other sites and/or web media

Google Classroom

Google classroom might be the easiest and cheapest way to create a networked environment with your students AND your colleagues. It augments YOUR classroom by providing web access for your students from anywhere, anytime. It can be the ultimate organizational and communication tool for your classes and it comes with a minimal learning curve for students and teachers. This webinar will get you started using Classroom and will enlighten you to some of the useful tools it provides including complete integration with G Suite applications. We wil cover the following:

  • Set up Your Classroom Classes
  • Add Students to Your Classroom Roster Using a Class Code
  • Using the Classroom stream
  • Creating Assignments in Classroom
  • Add Links, Videos, and Files to Classroom Assignments
  • Viewing Assignments
  • Forcing students to make copies of Google Documents
  • Marking complete when nothing is to be turned in
  • Grading Google Classroom Assignments