MAY 6 & 7, 2019 - 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

This two-day workshop with Google Certified Trainer Phil Polsinelli, will cover the Google applications and the skills that are specific to the Google Educator Level 1 Certification exam. Participants will gain a higher level of proficiency in the Google apps covered as well as being introduced to some classroom best practices and integration concepts.


This is an introduction and overview of the necessary skills and resources that are available to prepare for the exam. Participants will still need to review the Google prep resources in order to pass the Level I certification. Completion of this workshop does not guarantee a passing grade.


Organizational concepts with Google Drive

Class resources and collaboration concepts with Google Docs & Slides

Conducting research with Google Docs

Formative Assessment and data collection with Google Forms

Data analysis with Google Sheets

Task management and organizational strategies with Gmail

Incorporating Google Groups for collaboration

Classroom and personal calendars in Google Calendar

Google Hangouts for communication and collaboration

Putting it all together with with Google Sites

Google Keep for classroom use

Implementing and using Google Classroom

Google Search: Using the advanced searching and filtering



Phil Polsinelli