Saint Norbert School

Technology Instruction

Below are learning activity highlights from this year's Technology Instruction classes.


Hour of Code - 1st Grade


Hour of Code - 2nd Grade


Hour of Code - 3rd Grade


Hour of Code - 4th Grade


Hour of Code - 5th Grade


Hour of Code - 6th Grade


3rd Grade students touch typing.


8th Grade Robotics


8th Grade robotics


1st Grade adding a movie to their Keynote presentation.


7th Grade using Google Expeditions


1st Grade - Google Expeditions


1st Grade - taking picture to use later for data in a spreadsheet.


1st Grade - spreadsheet with data and bar chart from data gotten from a picture of items (LEGOs).


Introduction to QR codes.


1st Grade - editing elements of a picture using Adobe Lightroom app.


7th Grade - inventorying pieces for the LEGO EV3 robot kit to ensure all parts are available to the next group of students.


Students in grades 4 (see example at left) and 8 annotated a document within Google Classroom app. Recently Google added this feature for the Teachers. A teacher can now scan a paper document into a digital document, then attach the digital document to a Classroom assignment. Each student can get their own copy of the document and annotate it using a stylus or keyboard. Then the teacher can use the annotate feature to grade the document and return the graded document to the students.

8th grade students and the Spanish teacher were taught how to use this feature. This was a cross-curricular lesson between Spanish and Technology Instruction.

Students in grades 5th through 7th took an Internet Safety Challenge quiz, to finish this year's lessons on Internet safety. All students passed the quiz. Pictured to the right is an example (screen-shot) of the quiz's Certificate of Completion which was presented to students upon successful completion of the quiz.

Students used the Safari app on their school iPads.

Google Classroom - Create Docs File and Attach

In a cross-curricular project with Social Studies, students created a Google Docs file which they'd use to record information gathered for their National History Day project.

To promote organizational skills, they created a folder in their Google Drive into which said Docs file was put. If students were working in a group, one of the students shared the Docs file with the other students in their group. This allows for collaboration between all students in the group.

Students used the Google Drive and Google Docs apps on their school iPad.