Saint Norbert School Library

Welcome to the Library.

My name is Katie McFillin and I am thrilled to be your child's Library teacher this year.

My goal in the Library is to foster competence and stimulate an interest in reading for each student. I want each child to be excited for Library time, to feel secure in participating in dialogues and be engaged in each lesson. I will be working collaboratively with your child's teacher to ensure our lessons are supportive of the curriculum.

Pre-K to Third grade :

Our class lesson will consist of a group reading of age appropriate books , both fiction and non- fiction. We will have a group discussion and complete an activity in relation to the story. The children will learn the basics of the Library and where to find specific books. The children will have an opportunity to check out a book each week and time permitting they will be able to have quiet reading time.

Fourth to Sixth grade:

This year the Fourth , Fifth and Sixth grade students will read together chapter books .

I hope for the stories to foster conversations that relate to real life situations that this age group faces each day. I will encourage participation but never force it.

We will do activities that correspond with the story.

We will also be touching on Study skills , time management and organization techniques.

Each student will have the opportunity to check out a book each week.

Seventh and Eighth grade:

Study Skills is the main focus for our Seventh and Eight grade. We will use our Library time for multiple purposes. The students and I will engage in lessons about Study Skills, note taking , creating a bibliography, organization techniques and much more. I will work with their teachers to focus on the need of the students during the year. They will also have the opportunity to use the time for quiet study hall. I will be available to help the students with their individual needs during that time. I have encouraged the students to come to me with specific requests for topics to be reviewed in class.

Reading Olympics 2017-2018

Reading Olympics is a celebration of reading and a competition that provides students an opportunity to read and discuss literature from many genres. Each team is responsible to read from a list of predetermined books. Joining the team requires each member to commit to reading a minimum of eight books. The competition takes place during the month of April.

It is a wonderful experience that the students enjoy.

Our Fourth through Eighth grade will have the opportunity to comprise a team. Each team is 10 to 12 students.

Our First through Third grade students will have the option to join our "Junior" reading Olympics. This is an in school competition only and gets the younger students prepared and excited for the real deal.

Please be on the look out for information regarding Reading Olympics.

I am honored to have the opportunity to teach your child and encourage you to contact me with any questions or concerns.