STMS Technology Guide


The goal of this site is to provide you with the support you need to make the most of your experience at St. Timothy Middle School.

Student Technology Contract:

I know that school computers and internet communication tools must be used properly and with respect. I will report any misuse of the computer or inappropriate actions or content to an adult.

I will take care of the computer and all technology equipment as if it belonged to me.

I will not allow others to access my account nor will I ask to access the account of anyone else.

I understand that school computers should be used for educational purposes, not for playing games, harassing, bullying, or vandalism. Inappropriate use may lead to loss of privileges and prosecution.

I will not damage the computer nor try to access or load any malware onto the computer or network. I understand this would be considered a form of vandalism.

I will not attempt to bypass security measures on the computer or network.

I will treat people with dignity and respect when using the computer and accessing the Internet.

I will not copy information and use it as if it were my own ideas without giving credit to the information's author and source. I know that failure to properly cite my sources of information is called plagiarism and is a form of cheating.

I understand that using technology is a privilege I must earn and maintain by my responsible use. If I don't use the computer properly or treat others respectfully online, I will lose that privilege and face disciplinary actions.

I will pay for any computer I damage.