Mrs. Palazzo's Math Classes

Hello and welcome to my webpage! My name is Lois Broussard Palazzo, and I have the privilege of teaching math to your amazing children. I am certified to teach Grades 1-12 in the fields of elementary education, math, French, and English. My teaching certificates are for the states of Virginia, Georgia, and Texas. Please e-mail me at with any questions or concerns.

As put forth in our Mission Statement, I hope to plant faith-filled seeds of good habits and to open students' minds to knowledge. Math is a key which opens many doors. Working together, we, the parent, teacher, and student, can unlock these doors and guide them in their quest for knowledge.

Mission Statement

Alive with our mission...We, the pastor, staff, and parents of St. Thomas More Parish School, are committed to developing the minds, hearts, and souls of our students. By planting faith-filled seeds of good habits, we open our students’ minds to knowledge, their hearts to service, and their souls to the beauty of God’s Creation.