Mrs. Moreno's Classes


We, the pastor, staff, and parents of St. Thomas More Parish School, are committed to developing the minds, hearts, and souls of our students. By planting faith-filled seeds of good habits, we open our students’ minds to knowledge, their hearts to service, and their souls to the beauty of God’s Creation.

August 18, 2018

Hello Parents, and welcome to St. Thomas More Parish School. My name is Terri Moreno, and I am the 3K-1st and 3B Religion Teacher. The children will have Religion class four times a week, Monday through Thursday. Additionally, we celebrate the Holy Mass every Friday at 8:10 a.m. Parents and families are always welcome and we encourage you to join us at Mass. This year we will be using the Christ Our Life series published by Loyola Press.


The curriculum of God Made Me has been developed to provide your child with a greater love for God and God’s family, His Church.

The first semester 3K program, God Made Me, is designed to make the children aware of God’s love through the many good, beautiful persons, events, and things he has placed in their lives. Each chapter leads the children to appreciate their uniqueness and to sense God’s presence in all the wonderful things around them. We will also cover All Saints Day, Advent and Christmas during the first semester.

The second semester 3K program, continues the themes of the first semester. It also leads the children to a greater desire to love God in return through their prayers and acts of kindness for others. We will also cover Lent and Easter.


The curriculum of the 4K program, God Made the World, is designed to make the children aware of God’s love through Creation. We will explore the world around us beginning with God’s greatest creation, your child. We will also cover All Saints Day, Advent and Christmas during the first semester.

The second semester will continue the study of Creation. We will also cover Lent and Easter. We will learn several prayers including: The Our Father, The Hail Mary, Guardian Angel Prayer and Prayer to the Holy Spirit.


The curriculum of the Kindergarten book, God Loves Us, gradually introduces the children to the simple truths of faith in the Apostles' Creed at their level of experience and understanding. The program recognizes that young children possess the gift of faith implanted in them at Baptism and, therefore, have a readiness to learn about things of God. It engages them in experiences that prepare them for his message and help them respond to it in their own lives. Kindergartners already possess a wealth of human experiences. The God Loves Us program helps them see the religious dimension of what they experience every day--to see life and religion as an integrated whole. It also invites them to experience the rich variety of Catholic traditions.

1st Grade

The first-grade program of the Christ Our Life series, God Is Good, is designed to provide a simple overview of the mysteries of our faith. Through learning of the goodness of God, and the love of Jesus, the children respond to God in friendship and prayer. This program is written in the original spiral curriculum ensuring consistent progress and development of children’s knowledge of our Catholic faith. Gather and Go Forth pages help children respond to the Church’s essential mission to evangelize and be disciples of Christ. We will have a quiz each week on Tuesday.

3rd Grade

Third Grade presents the main truths Catholics believe and express in the Creed. Now that they have received their second Sacrament of initiation, they will begin to dig a little deeper into the wonderful Truths Christ teaches us in His Church by following a deeper study of the Creed. Our time together will also center on the Liturgical Year as well as learning how to read the Bible, finding the daily Mass readings, and learning more about Saints and major Feast Days. We will have a quiz each week on Tuesday.

Please be sure to read Parents Section on the back of each chapter sent home each week. It has a lot of great practical ideas for your family on lining out what your child has just learned. Parents are the first teacher of their children. I am humbled to be working alongside your families in forming your child’s beautiful soul.


Terri Moreno