The PTA is the Parent Teacher Association and every parent/carer automatically becomes part of it when their child joins the school.

So welcome aboard!

Our aim is to raise much needed funds for the school in order to fund every day needs and provide new equipment and encounters that enhance the educational experience of St Michael’s children, whilst also getting to know each other and having fun at the same time. We have a core team of committee members who work together to co-ordinate fund-raising events and we are always grateful for any help you can. We are always looking for more ideas, energy and skills so if you haven't done so before please come and find us in the playground or email us at

Everyone is welcome regardless of how much or little time you can spare.

Introducing a new events website

The PTA has set up a new website for promoting events and managing ticket sales online – see We hope this will make life easier for everyone as we reduce paper and cash flow through the school and make sign up for events more accessible. The new website does not replace the informal facebook page which many parents use but is a way of ensuring we are compliant with the new data protection regulations which come into force next month. Please take a minute to register on the site and speak to your class rep if you have any difficulties with it.

The PTA Committee:

There are 4 posts on the Committee which are re-elected each year at the AGM in November. We meet once every half term.

The committee are responsible for organising the events calendar, running the events and ensuring the funds raised by these events are managed responsibly.

The present members as of September 2017 are:

Chair: Rachael Williamson

Vice Chair: Jane Brown and Hayley Hyatt

Treasurer: Susan Campbell

Secretary: Alison Parkes

Committee Members:

Rachael Williamson, Ali Parkes, Hayley Hyatt, Susan Campbell, Jane Brown, Kirsty Rogers, Rachel Fitton, Hailey Baker, Nicola Earley, Charlie Hammond, Laura Guy, Vicky Young, Genevieve Kalnins, Clare Hughes, Sara Thompson, Lisa Dale, Jessica Fox, Rachel Griffiths, Emma Evans, Emma Samways, Debbie Hislop, Jess Boxford, Lindsay Mann, Siobhain Jackson, Jenny Rimmer, Liz Copeman, Tracy Mannings, Katie Lush, Jane Doherty, John Dunn

Class reps –

Each class has a PTA representative who is there to communicate what's happening, to ask for help with events, and to take any feedback.

Nursery - Debbie Hislop

Reception - Jess Boxford, Jenny Rimmer

1 - Katie Lush, Jane Doherty

2- Hayley Hyatt, Liz Copeman

3- SaraThompson, Jane Brown

4- Emma Evans, Emma Samways

5 - Rachel Fitton

6- Hailey Baker


We run a series of events over the year (see -PTA Events and Dates 2018 ) which we hope you will enjoy coming along to.

We also raise funds through match funding (click here to find out more) and cash back schemes ( and (code@ St Michael’s)).

PLEASE support our fantastic PTA - we couldn't enjoy so many amazing, exciting events and activities without them!

PTA Summer 2018 Newsletter