1 A Ms. Mendoza

Week of January 14-17 , 2019



Monday-Thursday (Front and Back of Sheet)

Due on Friday

  • Read for 20-30 Minutes daily

Log your minutes in the "BOOK IT"

Calendar. DUE January 31, 2019

. Math Homework on Tuesday and Thursday

. Spelling Test on Friday


. AR testing begins this Quarter for all first graders. Every student should be prepared to take at least ONE test per week (alternating fiction and non-fiction) AR tests can only be taken AT SCHOOL, but books may be read at school or at home. The students can only be taking quizzes within their AR Level (level was sent to you in December). Your child's highest 3 non-fiction quizzes and 2 fiction quizzes will be recorded for the Quarter. Please let me know if you have any questions.

. Our class goes to Tech Lab on Monday afternoon and all students will have time to take an AR quiz at this time if they are prepared.


1. down 6. yellow

2. green 7. goes

3. open 8. new

4. fall 9. when

5. grow 10. which