Hello Everyone!

My name is Megan Brown and I am so excited to be teaching again at St. Mary's this year. This is my 5th year at this school. This year I am able to teach

  • Second Grade Reading/Writing/Technology

A little bit of information about me. I am married to Will Brown! My parents are Tony and Susie Colson. I have four sibilings: Ann Marie, Katie, Kyle, and Olivia. I am right in the middle of all of them. I graduated from IUPUC with a bachelor degree in Elementary Education and a dual license in Technology Education. I used to go to St. Mary's when I was in Elementary school and when I got in high school I started volunteering there as much as I could even throughout college. I am so beyond blessed to work at such an amazing school.

If you need to reach me my email is mbrown@stmarysgreensburg.com.