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Mrs Kerri Harrigan

Dean of Studies

Welcome to Stage 6 at St Mary’s College. This is a very exciting and challenging stage in your education and an important step towards senior school and beyond. It’s a time to make important decisions about the pathway you will choose for the next two years. The pathways ahead of you are varied so it is time to think about the courses you want to study, to consider the careers that interest you and to seek advice from your teachers and parents. It is also the time to make a commitment to life at the College for the next two years. As seniors you will hold a new role, which brings both privileges and responsibilities. We urge you to involve yourself in what the College offers and pursue excellence in everything you undertake.

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22-23 UAC Guide will be released in July 2022.

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Past Students - voices of experience from 2021

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Tess Ryan - Year 12 2021

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