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School Counseling
Action Research Presentations

Suzy Thomas, Ph.D., Instructor

A brief introduction to the Counseling projects below.

Vaping Presentation .mov

Mental Health Issues Behind Vaping


Jonathan Lindh, Imbamba Mansaray, Quaneesha Shields, and Syndie Souza

Our presentation looks at the mental health issues that are behind vaping. As counselors, we understand that we need to be educated on this issue. Our group created a survey that addressed several dynamics of adolescent vaping such as: who is impacted, what the frequency of usage is, how vaping impacts students, and what motivates adolescents to participate in vaping. Through research, our group was able to find interventions at the individual, group, and school-wide level.

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Integrating intersectionality of groups - Google Slides.mp4

Fostering Solidarity


Billy Hale, Camila Rowland, Cristal Ramos, & Natalie Arias

Our project aims to build solidarity among diverse populations in middle and high school settings in the greater Bay Area. This research is driven by a belief that solidarity among diverse school populations positively impacts school climate, academic success of students, and builds social justice leaders. We discussed using collaborative action research to implement this framework in our schools using the multi-tiered system support model.

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Stress About Life After High School with 11th Graders.mp4

Stress about Life After High School


Rachel Dechristofaro, Cristina Pelayo, Katie O'Leary, and Cailin Simi

Our presentation aims to explore the research question: What resources do high school juniors need to feel less stressed about the future? We will examine how stress affects students in 11th grade and what information they have access to about their futures after graduation. We propose a needs assessment survey to gather information about different kinds of support they may need.

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Role of the School Counselor.mp4

The Role of the School Counselor


Austin Bowen, Kayla Brown, Kayla Hinojosa, and Michelle Reese

Are K-12 admin who know of the ASCA model more likely to engage/encourage collaboration of staff with school counselors?

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Master of Arts
in Teaching Leadership
Action Research Presentations

Monique Lane, Ph.D., Instructor, website:

A brief introduction to the Master of Arts in Teaching Leadership projects below.

ARC Recording Ashlee Evonc.mp4

Let's Talk About Race:

Unpacking Social Justice in the Classroom

Presenter: Ashlee Evonc

Bias. Identity. Privilege. It is critical for students to understand how these words pertain to them, but conversations surrounding these topics can be difficult to navigate. In this hands-on workshop, participants will explore and experience the power of social justice instruction across all grade levels. I will share my experience teaching concentrated social justice lessons with my students and the “Aha!” moments that occurred during and after the study. Educators will leave with tangible resources and an increased confidence to bring social justice into their classrooms.

Classroom Resources: Social Justice Pre/Post Assessment. Courageous Conversations Compass

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Making Meaning with Word Problems.mp4

Making Meaning with Word Problems

Presenter: Kaitlyn Solnok

Do your kids grumble when they see word problems? Let’s get real, of course they do, mine did too! Come check out a student lead, teamwork approach that gets kids debating strategies and curious about how others solve word problems. You will leave with an opportunity to try something powerful in your own classroom that’s FREE, low prep, and adaptable to any math curriculum!

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ARC Hunt Jury.mp4

This Was Fun! Creating Engaging Vocabulary Lessons for English Learners

Presenter: Lindsay Hunt Jury

Do your English learners struggle to learn vocabulary? Do you struggle keeping students engaged in learning new material? In this session we will discuss how to improve reading comprehension of English learners through engaging vocabulary lessons. You will leave with lesson ideas to teach vocabulary that is fun for students and will improve reading comprehension.

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SMcGill ARC Presentation.mp4

Supporting Students With Disabilities in the Secondary General Education Inclusion Classroom

Presenter: Susan McGill

Longing for a how-to manual about implementing student accommodations? General education teachers can implement strategies to ensure that all learners are equitably served. Join us for a discussion about Universal Design for Learning, a flexible approach for inclusion classroom teachers who need practical strategies for lesson planning, instruction, and assessment. Leave with useful strategies and resources you can begin implementing this week.

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Stacey Navarro Presentation.mp4

Modeling Growth Mindset: How Parental Involvement Benefits Student Cognitive Development

Presenter: Stacey O'Connor Navarro

How can we help our students approach learning with a growth mindset? A mindset that views challenges and difficulties as opportunities to improve. We will explore how to engage parents in their child’s learning through the use of growth mindset language. Enter to learn new tools and ideas, and leave ready to take action today.

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ARC J Preciado 2020.mp4

Fostering Empathy: A Path to Peace

Presenter: Jessica Preciado

“Be nice!” Will these words stop youth from treating others poorly, teasing, or being intolerant of people different from themselves? Even beyond the scope of the current bullying phenomenon plaguing our schools; for countless generations a lack of empathy has been at the root of humanity’s greatest tragedies. Leave this talk with real strategies to foster empathy and create peace, inspired by Sara K. Ahmed’s work Being the Change: Lessons and Strategies to Teach Social Comprehension .

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Lets Talk About It! The Impact of Social Skills in the Classroom- Josh Garibay.mp4

The Impact of Social Skills in the Classroom

Presenter: Josh Garibay

Have social and emotional skills been shelved within your classroom for too long? Do you believe that SEL can reduce conflict among students? In this presentation, we will discuss how teaching social and emotional skills have affected the behaviors of students within the classroom and after school program. Come learn about the results of my research as well as strategies to help implement SEL into your own classroom.

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Teresa Bolls Teen Moms Presentation.mp4

Empowering Teen Mothers as Problem Solvers

Presenter: Teresa Bolla

I will present information about teen moms and school engagement with regard to their participation in the TAKING CHARGE PROGRAM. Research took place over eight weeks, and participants learned problem-solving strategies which empowered them to gain self-efficacy and confidence as they “took charge” of their lives. Students wrote down their goals and what they needed to do to achieve them. Participants learned skills helping them to gain control over their lives .

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