Dear Fabulous Fourth Grade Students,

In our classroom you are observers, thinkers, and writers.

You discover patterns and make predictions.

You solve problems and grow closer to God.

You try and make mistakes, but you NEVER give up.

You are mathematicians and scientists.

You are friends and family.

You make eye contact, share, and greet your classmates every day.

You are respectful and sincere.

You are genuinely concerned for the happiness and well-being of others, just as Jesus was.

You are listeners and speakers.

You are willing to take risks even though you know things may not work out the first time.

You are brave and thoughtful.

You care about your classroom, school environment, and everyone who enters.

You are happy, positive, and enthusiastic.

You are responsible for your own learning and support the learning of your peers.

You are dreamers and leaders.

You are a valuable and important member of a community.

You contribute and participate.

You work independently and cooperatively.

You lift others up, NEVER making anyone feel anything but better after leaving you.

You realize how special and unique you really are.

You are grateful for your family's choices and sacrifice in sending you to Catholic School.

YOU, are the reason I am here.

You, make me so very proud to be your teacher.

My day would not be the same without YOU.

I am on YOUR team and I am here to help YOU grow in every way.

I believe in YOU and I will help YOU, believe in YOURSELF.

I will ALWAYS forgive YOU and offer YOU another chance.

So go ahead, shine, knock my socks off, inspire tears of joy in YOUR silly teacher.

Today is YOUR day to be everything and anything YOU'VE always wanted.


Mrs. Otarola