Mrs. Hagan

Happy May! Something everyone can do...when you are outside (walking, riding bikes,running) and are 6 feet away from everyone and wearing a mask...say Hi! and/ or wave and smile at people....make them feel good. .

How does the sun say hello? With a "heat"wave!

What is Mickey Mouse's favorite car? A "Minnie" van!

What is smarter than a talking dog? A "spelling" bee!

Virtual "Field Day" events: 1. Sack Race: Object: Get to the finish line quickly! Place both feet in a pillow case and hop to the finish line. If you fall, get up and continue.

2. Standing Long Jump: Object: Jump far! Stand with both feet even, shoulder's width apart. Lean forward, jump off both feet (no leaping, running or hopping). While jumping swing both arms forward to help get distance. Land on both feet..don't fall backwards...Repeat

3. Bottle Flip: Object: to land the bottle on the bottom. Fill a plastic bottle with a cap half-way. Hold the top and flip the bottle to have it land standing up. How many times can you get it to turn in the air and still land on the bottom?

4. Shoe Kick: Object: Kick your shoe far! Put foot into a shoe with laces, loosely tied, with heal of the foot resting on the back of the shoe. Can run or stand to kick shoe. Kick OUT not up. Watch your this OUTSIDE away from windows, trees and houses!

5. Spoon Race: Object: Reach finish line with the candy, coin in the spoon. Place one hand on handle of spoon. do not place your thumb on the item. Run to the finish. If you drop your item, pick it up and put it back in before running.

6. Flip the Lid: Object: How many times can you flip the lid in 1 minute. Need a spatula and a plastic lid. Place the spatula under the lid and flip! can you have it flip more than once in the air?! Challenge yourself!

Visit the following links for fun activities

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Would you Rather #3

Pizza Tag: Play with a partner...or more. Rest a small pillow on your open palm (younger students can use 2 palms) . Object of the game is to move around without getting your pillow knocked off by your opponent. If you lose the pillow, you stop and do 3x an exercise.e.g. jumping jacks, toe touches, karate kicks. Who wins the most rounds?

Take a picture of your Field Day games and send it to my email address.

Extra Credit:

  • Create a game and send it to me....we will use it in class when we return.
  • Improve/change a game/activity that we already do....send it to me and we will use it.
  • Draw a super hero with sidewalk chalk to help fight the virus. Take a picture and send it to me.

All extra credit can be emailed to:


Courtesy of Bryn Mawr Running Co., Media, PA