Mr. M's Math Madness

Welcome to Digital Math Learning!

Beginning Monday, March 23, 2020

The middle school teachers will be hosting open, live, video Zoom/Google Hangouts classes on designated days and times to touch base with students regarding content, questions, and assignments. Students are encouraged to log in if they are able. As we progress into remote learning, we understand that in many homes there are multiple people on multiple devices and that it can be challenging for everyone. The teachers have arranged a weekly schedule so that grades and content areas do not cross over with one another within the middle school. If a student has a question but cannot join the conference that day, they are welcome to email questions to the teacher. Teachers will post directions on their Google Classroom pages about how to join these classes. We look forward to catching up with them.

I will continue posting our math lessons on Google Classroom. Always make sure you mark the assignment complete. Make sure you attach any work to each individual assignment. Please as always, email me with any questions or concerns. As we venture down this new learning path, I'm asking for your patience and understanding. I know where there is uncertainty, there is worry. Please trust in our faith that God will see us through these trying times.

Please read the Bible passage below and share with your family!

Stay safe, be helpful and God Bless!