Ms. Garcia's

PreK-4 class

October is here! Tree colors are changing, pumpkins are emerging on doorsteps of houses, and the temperature is dropping. Wonderful signs of fall are about to strut their stuff!

Pictures go downward, with the most recent ones being at the bottom. Enjoy!

Playing with pattern blocks all over the floor, and discovering letters with magnet ABC's on cookie sheets.

Making self-portraits, and building with foam blocks and rods (and pink rice in the background).

Apple tasting and voting, and building with Lincoln Logs.

Bowling in the hallway and blowing bubbles in the classroom!

Constructing with Mega Bloks and hanging out on the clatter bridge on the playground.

Striking a pose with our friends!

Creating words with letter tiles and playing with dinosaurs!

Dot art painting the letter Dd, and looking for bugs around the playground.

Look at me scaling the wall, and taking in the actions of our silly friends with my friend!

D is for donut (or doughnut) for our friend's birthday treat, and playing at our sensory table filled with acorns!