Ms. Garcia's

PreK-4 class


Spring has sprung,

the grass is riz',

I wonder where

the flowers is?

Pictures go downward, with the most recent ones being at the bottom. Enjoy!

Playing with pattern blocks all over the floor, and discovering letters with magnet ABC's on cookie sheets.

Making self-portraits, and building with foam blocks and rods (and pink rice in the background).

Apple tasting and voting, and building with Lincoln Logs.

Bowling in the hallway and blowing bubbles in the classroom!

Constructing with Mega Bloks and hanging out on the clatter bridge on the playground.

Striking a pose with our friends!

Creating words with letter tiles and playing with dinosaurs!

Dot art painting the letter Dd, and looking for bugs around the playground.

Look at me scaling the wall, and taking in the actions of our silly friends with my friend!

D is for donut (or doughnut) for our friend's birthday treat, and playing at our sensory table filled with acorns!

Taking turns and having our favorite stuffed animals blessed by Father Rich in honor of Saint Francis of Assisi.

More blessings, followed by digging for worms and other critters at recess time!

Examining the "gunk" in our pumpkins, classifying them and counting the seeds inside!

Some of us dove right into the pulp, whereas others preferred to watch. Every member designed and carved part of their group's pumpkin!

Voila! Our finished products. They were amazing, and truly examples of working together as a team!

Music class on HALLOWEEN day with Ms. Geraci!

Trick-or Treating at the Rectory with Father Dan and Father Rich. Halloween treats for everyone!

Ms. Garcia's class on Halloween morning, 2017

We are all playing dress-up!

Big time fun in the Motor Room!

Pajama fun for our Polar Express trip! All aboard!

Delicious and nutritious treats for our Christmas party.

Story time as we unwind after our fantastic Christmas party!

More motor room silliness!

Celebrating a friend's birthday during "O" week with OCTOPUS cookies!

100th day of school activities!

We find it hard to believe that we've been in school for 100 days already! Where has this year gone?!