Science Grades


Welcome to the 2021-22 school year.

I am excited at the thought of a new school year!

September '21 marks the beginning of my 10th year at St Mary's Elementary School. I am happy to share and learn more about science. I pride myself in being a life-long learner and I truly consider Nature as the very best science classroom! I bring to the classroom an Undergraduate Degree in Biology from Nazareth College of Rochester. Along with that, I bring a Graduate Degree in Science Education from St John's University.

Added to my science interest, I hold Catholic Education in a special place. I am the product of Catholic schools. My husband and I sent our own children to Catholic Schools. I share the complete value of a Catholic Education.

Please note that all assignments and announcements may be found in the Google Classroom Streams for Grades 6-7-8. Announcements are updated daily, so there is always something new in our class.

Grade 6 Earth Science and Physical Science combination

Grade 7 Life Science

Grade 8 Regents Living Environment (Grade 9 advanced) or Physical Science (Grade 8 level)