Mrs. DiCaprio's Kindergarten Welcome!

Daily events in Kindergarten

Monday-March 9th- Math-the children started counting by 2's we used unifix cubes and placed them in groups of 2. Please practice at home with your child using the hundreds chart or number line. They can skip count by 2 and color the boxes in until they reach 20. Reading- Today we learned another strategy in reading. When we see a word we don't know we can look at the pictures, look at the beginning sound of the word, and we can also stretch out the sounds to say the word. Today we finished our Shamrocks made out of hearts. Religion-Today the children were asked a to draw a picture of themselves as as baby.

Please read Dr. Seuss books with your child. His books are a great way to review the sight words and rhyming words.

Wednesday- Math- we reviewed counting by 2's. I introduced counting by 5's by using tallies. Reading- On Monday the children listened to the story "Pizza" and we looked for the patterns on each page. Today the children added another page to the book using the same pattern. We wrote a sentence and drew a picture. The children were reading their books from their book baggies and reading to me individually. The class read a short story with me on the smart board. I gave each student a copy to complete for homework tonight. Religion- we are finishing our pictures of what we looked like as a baby and how we look today.