8th Grade Religion


Objective: Prepare students for Confirmation. Develop self-awareness and introspection, and demonstrate models of Christian behavior.

Materials: Our Life in the Church Textbook, Our Life in the Church Activity Book, notebook, pen or pencils

Class Rules

1. Show respect at all times to the teacher and one another.

2. Remain quiet except when the class lesson requires group discussion.

3. Raise your hand to speak.

Assignments and Grading

Assessment and grades are evaluated upon the following criteria:

Classroom work – individual and group work which includes various reading and writing assignments

Homework – daily homework assignments Group Projects



Grade Highlights

One unit (approximately 4-5 chapters) in the text is covered per semester

Preparing for Confirmation

Cultivating deeper relationships with God and Jesus

Developing a profound understanding of the power of the Holy Spirit through scripture and prayer

Examining the rites and responsibilities of Confirmation

Weekly meditation and journal exercises

Demonstrating the 8th grade virtues of loyalty and courage both within the classroom and throughout the school to set an example for the younger grades

Mrs. Hannon 2019-2020 Student Supply List