About Me

My name is Emma and I am 11 years old and my favorite thing to do is go to my dance class and go horse-back riding. Even though I don't take horse-back riding classes my mom is going to think about me taking classes soon. I've only ridden a horse once, but it is sooooooo fun and when I'm older I'm going to do it so much. I LOVE cheesecake and also one of my favorite restaurant is P.F. Changs. When I go home, I like to play with my hamster, Snuggles, and play with my cats, Gloe, Blacky, and Tigeress. My favorite subject in school is P.E. My worst subject is probably English. My friends are Kayla, Abigail, Mikaella, Elly, Isabella, Zaira, Lilaih. Abigail, Elly, Gabriel, Nicholas, Evan, Isabella, and I play Roblox online. I mostly stay after school and something really fun to do there is Art. Girls from Harvard Westlake teach it. And it is AWESOME! Harvard Westlake also comes to our school and they perform for us. At the end, we go to our classrooms and we make stuff with them. Sometimes we make up a dance. On the weekends I usually go to my friend's house (Mikaella or my cousin's house) or I go to cool places.....like San Francisco, Yosemite, Detroit, San Diego, Colorado. That is some of the stuff about me.