Mrs. Griner's Website

Welcome to St. Martin's Middle School English/6th and 7th Grade Social Studies portal. This site provides St. Martin's Middle School students and their parents/guardians with information that will be needed during the year.

Assignments and the documents and links needed for them will be posted to Google Classroom. Each grade level and subject has a Google Classroom and an associated calendar. Here are a few reasons why we are using Google Classroom this year:

  1. Google Classroom prepares St. Martin's students for the future.
    • Using Google Classroom and a digital workflow helps prepare St. Martin’s students for high school and college.
  2. Google Classroom helps with communication.
    • There are no more lost assignments or resources since everything is online in Google Classroom.
    • Even when a student is absent, they can sign in to Google Classroom from home and see what has been assigned.
    • Parents/Guardians can see assignment due dates on a calendar and can choose to receive email summaries of all announcements, assignments, and missing work.
  3. Google Classroom is “greener”.
    • Not everything assigned through Google Classroom needs to be printed, though some assignments will still be printed.
    • Many assignments can be turned in digitally, saving paper and the environment.
  4. Collaboration is easier outside of school.
    • Since students can work together online on the same document or presentation working on group projects no longer requires that students physically be in the same place to collaborate on group projects.
  5. Feedback can be quicker and more meaningful.
    • Teachers can see work when it is turned in and even before it is turned in. This allows for timely, individual feedback on assignments.