Our Virtual School

Welcome to St Martin's Academy

Welcome to Our Virtual School!

Welcome to the St Martin's Academy Virtual School, our lockdown learning platform which will continue to enhance your child's home school learning journey. If you are new to the school and want to find out more about we do, please head over to our website here.

When our school building is open, our Virtual School will remain open long term as it provides a useful platform to share learning and develop and refine our use of digital technologies. You can login to your classroom to complete your homework tasks, communicate with your class teacher and friends.


It is when we close our building that our Virtual School comes to life with our classrooms hosting live teaching sessions all day. You'll need your login details to access your classroom but there are many free resources available through our Virtual School site.

BBC Daily: Use the links below to check out the daily lessons published online by BBC Bitesize.

If you need help, please complete the short form on the 'Need Help' page (top right) and we will aim to get the problem fixed asap. Thanks.