People need help and people can and want to help. Here is some information to help you get involved and "Join Jesus" on His huge mission right now.


  1. At the top, you can select to fill out the "SURVEY/QUESTIONAIRE" with the results going to a group who are triaging and assigning teams to follow-up and help. Unless there are special or extenuating circumstances in each category, I encourage folks to contact people directly rather than through me. It helps avoid confusion or a lag in time. You can also see above some off the needs and haves currently active. Contact Pastor Scott for more details.
  2. You can also help through financial donations through SML's "Special Needs" fund, which is used to help SML folks in need: and select the "SPECIAL NEEDS" fund category.

REGIONAL & NATIONAL EFFORTS AND INFORMATION: The Heart For Texas website: This includes working with others from around the state and country to help so many others negatively affected by Harvey. If you can help on these teams, please contact Pastor Scott directly and he will get you setup for this! This will be a long, but needed effort. Please consider helping in this way!

Of course, if there is anything I can do to help, please do not hesitate to contact me.

In the loving and strong hands and provisions of God,

Pastor Scott Heitshusen + + (713) 965-6761 [cell]

More/Other Information on Some Other Sites of Interest/Help I Recommend:

  • The Texas District has a Disaster Relief page with some information here.
  • Looking to get involved in the larger Lutheran response in Texas? Go here!
  • LINC Houston Disaster Relief
  • "GLocal" ministry & congregations
  • The Harvey Disaster Relief response from The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod (the national church body of SML)
  • FEMA: ~or~ (800) 621-3362
  • Lutheran Federal Credit Union: Offering car loans at competitive rates with no payments due for 60 days. They also offer unsecured personal loans. See
  • Texas District Church Extention Fund: Will provide loan assistance to congregations affected by Harvey. Specifically, CEF will offer:
  • • Loans for emergency repairs.
  • • “Bridge” loans to fund immediate repairs before proceeds from insurance claims are received.
  • • Loans to help congregations experiencing interrupted cash flow because of cancelled worship services, closed schools and child-care ministries.
  • • Check out or call 512-646-1233.
  • CASA de ORACION: Our LINC congregation partner in Pasadena has established a Disaster Resource Center with a tool bank and intake of donated supplies. The pastors there have also been helping people in their community from their own pockets. If you would like to help them out, please contact Pastor Scott.