Website created by St. Leonard 20% Time students: Nia G, Tate C, Corea M, Noah L.

The St. Leonard students (grades 6-8) are redesigning and renovating the library to turn it into a very functional media center and MakerSpace for the students, families, and organizations that use this space.

What is 20% Time?

The 20% Time Program was recognized as a Today's Catholic Teacher ICE Award 2018 Winner

20% Time is a new class this year at St. Leonard. Students are creating self-directed projects to study topics of interest to them while learning such skills as researching, presenting, group work, budgeting, and marketing.

The sixth through eighth grade students meet twice a week. Students began the year by brainstorming and eventually designing a new layout for the current library.

Students worked in committees (click here for more information) to tackle various parts of the project. Students are now creating fundraisers to fund the rest of the project.

Interested in Helping?

Help is appreciated in all shapes and forms! Some ways to help are:

  • providing contacts with companies or organizations that may be looking to provide grants for this type of project
  • volunteering your time with physical tasks such as moving, painting, or building
  • donating funds to help purchase furniture, paint, flooring, MakerSpace materials, books, etc.

For more information on how you can help, please contact the school office at 502-897-5265 or e-mail Joe Reed (