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“You plus God equals unimaginable possibilities."

~Matthew Kelly

Welcome to the new format for "Wolverine Notes," our weekly school newsletter! We hope that this new interactive format will make it easier to share news and allow you to access school information quickly. Please feel free to send Mrs. Parola feedback to make this newsletter user friendly.

We were excited to share information about your children's progress thus far in the school year at conferences this week. We appreciate that families take time from their work day and busy schedules to meet with teachers and share information. Thanks to the Kindergarten and 8th Grade families for providing delicious breakfast items for the teachers as they prepared for conferences on our early dismissal days!

The Week Ahead

Monday, 10/15

  • Robotics Team Practice, 3:00-4:30
  • Gr. 6-8 Quick Recall Practice, 3:00-4:00

Tuesday, 10/16

  • School Mass, 8:30
  • Gr. 6-8 Quick Recall vs. Holy Trinity, 3:15-4:15
  • 2nd Grade First Reconciliation, Church, 6:00

Wednesday, 10/17

Thursday, 10/18

  • 8th to Dare to Care, 8:30-11:00
  • Great American ShakeOut Earthquake Drill, 10:18
  • K, 3, 4 Parent/Grandparent Lunch, 12:30-1:15
  • SAC Meeting, Library, 6:30

Friday, 10/19

  • Friday Morning Donuts, 7:20-7:45

Saturday, 10/20

  • PTO Trunk or Treat/8th Haunted House, 6:15 car set up, 6:30 start

Upcoming Events

Supporting Lifelong Scholars (SLS)


Catholic Identity Program Effectiveness Survey

For the archdiocesan accreditation program, this year we will administer the Catholic Identity Program Effectiveness Survey, available online October 17th through the 31st. Parents, teachers, and students in grades 5 – 8 will complete the survey. Watch for the email link. The survey is taken anonymously. Students whose parents complete the survey can email Mrs. Parola their names so their children can have an ice cream pass. Thanks for your participation!

Thanks to everyone for supporting our Scholastic Book Fair this week! Over $1500 of books were purchased for student leisure reading and support to classrooms and the library. Sales will continue after 10:00 am Sunday Mass on October 14th, during school on Monday, October 15th, and online through October 20th. Click the link to access the Book Fair site.

Please share the online link with family and friends. There are many great online deals, and books make great Christmas and birthday presents! All proceeds benefit the school library.

The following students received books in our Book Fair Prize Drawing:

Jack B. Ninja -- Hayden B.

The Sun is Kind of a Big Deal -- Jack Y.

They Lost Their Heads -- Leo R.

The Wish Fairy: Too Many Cats!-- Dinah E.

Ranger in Time -- Alli R.

Deep Water -- Megan L.

Resistance -- Davis M.

Gamer Army -- Michael R.

Thanks to Mrs. Kara Underwood for coordinating the Book Fair! We will have another book fair in the spring.



We will have a school-wide Open House for all CURRENT FAMILIES to sample a part of their child’s school day. Stop in for a visit anytime between October 22nd-26th from 8:30-2:45. Please note, grades PreK-3 will be on a fieldtrip to Gallrein Farms on October 24th


We will have an Open House for prospective families, Tuesday, October 23rd from 9:00-11:00 am and 5:00-7:00 pm. Please encourage your family members, friends, and co-workers to stop in for a tour.


Parent/Grandparent Lunch

Parents and Grandparents of students in grades K, 3, and 4 are invited to a Parent-Grandparent Lunch on Thursday, October 18th, 12:30-1:15. Reservations forms were sent home. Please return this with payment by Monday, October 15th.

We hope you will join us!



This month is “Double Box Tops Month” for House Points. Send in your BoxTops for students to earn double House points and our school to earn money for new House T-shirts and materials. Just clip and send in!

Thanks for your support!



The PTO Trivia Night was a fun affair, as our knowledge of dates, times, old cartoons, and music was tested! Congratulations to Table 7 Team Rabaut for knowing the most trivial facts! Thanks to Brian and Jennifer Dawson and their committee for coordinating and hosting this event.

La Soirée de Saint Leonard

In case you were wondering about the Taste of St. Leonard event that is usually held in November, please note that it has been moved to February 23rd. PTO has exciting plans for the event, including a new name! Watch for additional information in early 2019 and mark your calendars!


Playground Mulch

Many thanks to the Boy Scouts and school parents who spread mulch in the school playground last week! They were a hardworking group, as you can see in the photo! Also, a huge SLS thanks to Ty Reed who organized the mulch donation!


Volunteers to read with or work on mathematics with students are always welcome! Safe Environment Training and background check are required. Contact Mrs. Stubblefield or Mrs. Willenbrink if you would like to assist. Thanks!



Retakes for students who were absent or who do not like how their school picture turned out are scheduled for Wednesday, November 7th. Students need to bring back their original picture package on Retake Day and turn it in to the photographer.


Sold from 7:20 until 7:45 am. Cost is $1/donut & 50¢/milk. The 7th grade grade families will help with October sales. Contact Kacie Chase to help. Join your child for a sweet treat to start the day!


Week of October 15th

Carpool Assist: Cole J.

AM Flag and Cones:

Kari S. & Layla S.

PM Flag and Cones:

Vince P. & Zachary S.


The SAC (School Advisory Council) will meet Thursday, October 18th at 6:30 in the library. If you are interested in serving on this very important school committee, please contact Chairperson Chris Kersting .


By Mary Hogan Jones, MAT/CPDLT

When we give our children limited choices, we’re really giving them small steps in shared power with their parents.

What we know is that children respond favorably to having the opportunities of making choices instead of ultimatums. So why do we mention “limited choices” in Positive Discipline? These choices are safe, respectful to the situation, the parent and the child because it is focused on the needs of the situation. It is always correct when offering choices to follow with, “You decide.”

For younger children, who are less capable of wide responsibility, they need choices that align with daily activities, for instance, good health practices. So, they may not be able to opt out of brushing their teeth, but they can decide if they want to do them in five minutes or right now. Teeth will need to be brushed but giving the child a little leeway with when, just ensures more cooperation and a sense of respect for the child’s time.

For older children, the choices can be broader. For instance, with homework, older children can decide between doing their homework right when they arrive home, just before or after dinner. The understanding again, is that the homework has to be completed. There is no choice around doing homework but allowing your child, perhaps your middle schooler, to choose the “when” will give them a sense of ownership and practice in time management. It can also inspire more cooperation on their part.

Limited choices are opportunities for you as a parent to be both kind AND firm at the same time. There is firmness in being sure certain things are done and kindness by providing choices, even if they are limited.

So enjoy your week with your child/children and try out “Limited Choices”.



Parish Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Parish Phone: (502) 897-2595




Weekend - Saturday 4:30 pm; Sunday 10:00 am

Weekday - Monday & Tuesday 8:30 am

Communion Service - Wednesday 8:30 am



Walking with Purpose is a women’s Catholic Bible study held on Tuesdays at 6:30 pm at St. Leonard’s Heritage Room from October through April. The program aims to bring women to a closer relationship with Christ. Personal study and small group discussions at WWP each week link our everyday challenges with the solutions given to us through the teachings of Christ and the Catholic Church. For more information, contact Jo-Dee Jackson at or 502-744-5513.


Every Wednesday at 7:00 pm, a loyal group of parishioners meet in St. Leonard church to pray the rosary. Did you know that the word rosary comes from Latin and means a garland of roses, the rose being one of the flowers used to symbolize the Virgin Mary? If you have not prayed the rosary recently and may be hesitant as to the proper way to pray the rosary, don't let that stop you from coming on Wednesday evenings. The group welcomes new members!


If you are interested in renting a booth at the Holiday Bazaar on November 18th, please contact the parish office 897-2595 for an application. Spaces are filling up quickly! Booth fees are $45, and items must be hand-crafted.


To date, we have received $9,800 in donations from parishioners to help cover our picnic gross receipts shortfall of $20,800 due to the torrential rain on picnic Saturday. Thanks to those who contributed! For anyone who wants to help, envelopes are on the table in the back of church or simply mark your donation as “picnic” and send to the parish or school office. THANK YOU!


People of all ages and physical conditions can benefit from Pilates. No prior experience is necessary. Join us in the library every Tuesday 5:30 -7:00 pm or Saturday 9:00-11:00 am!