The first week of choir we looked at 2 new songs. The first was a hymn written by Monica Brown and was chosen because of its simplicity and the meaning of the lyrics. This hymn is called:

"A Song of Praise"

It has some beautiful features and one is an echo that the choir will lead with the whole school at upcoming masses. The lyrics can be found below.

A Song of Praise

The second song was a song composed by Genevieve Kane and John Kane:

"I am Children of the World"

and it was looked at in preparation for our whole school Harmony Day assembly.

The lyrics can also be found below.

I am Children of the World

At the moment the choir are looking at a song from the Musical Matilda, written by Tim Minchin the song:

"When I Grow Up"

is a beautiful song which tells a lovely story and has so many harmonies and parts that will really push the choir and challenge us.

When I Grow Up