Catamount Community Hours (CatCH)

Afterschool and Summer Programs @ The St. Johnsbury School

CatCH offers afterschool and summer programs for St. Johnsbury youth (grades 1-8) and families. Our vision: youth and families who feel more connected to their community, their school, and the breadth of ways people can keep their minds and bodies active.

Headquartered at The St. Johnsbury School, our programs are open to all St. Johnsbury students in these grades, including those who attend independent schools or who are home-schooled.

Our teachers come from the school, from surrounding communities, and from educational institutions in our town (e.g., the Fairbanks Museum and Planetarium and Catamount Arts) and beyond (e.g., Northwoods Stewardship Center). Financial support comes from federal investments (see below) and from generous local sponsors, such as Passumpsic Bank and Tim Scott Realty.

Working with a local carpenter to make cornhole sets for the Elks Lodge.

Movement and acting activities at the Vermont Children's Theater.

CatCH Calendar for 2022-23

  • Summer 2022 (week of July 4-week of Aug. 1)

  • Fall 2022 (week of Sept. 5-week of Nov. 14)

  • Winter 2022-23 (week of Nov. 28-week of Feb. 20).

  • Spring 2023 (week of March 8-week of May 22)

There is no charge to families for programs in the sessions above.

CatCH Policies for 2022-23

For afterschool and summer policies and procedures, please see the CatCH Family Handbook.

CatCH appreciates donations.

Regular CatCH programs are free for families thanks to support from the school district and grants from the federal government. These grants include two 21st Century Community Learning Centers ("21C" for short) investments.

While there is no charge to families, donations to CatCH are helpful in making us more efficient and able to diversify the activities we offer. If you can make a contribution, please send a check, made out to "St. Johnsbury School District" with "CatCH" in the memo line, to this address: CatCH, c/o St. Johnsbury School, 257 Western Ave., St. Johnsbury, VT 05819