School Information


TERM 1 Tuesday, 29 January to Friday, 13 April

TERM 2 Monday 29 April to Friday, 5 July

TERM 3 Monday, 22 July to Friday, 27 September

TERM 4 Monday, 14 October and will finish around 13 December


Children are expected to be at school on time by 8.55am in class ready to begin learning at 9am.

Learning Time: 9.00 am - 10.40 am (Bell rings at 8.55am)

Morning Tea: 10.40 am - 11.00 am

Learning Time: 11.00 am - 12.30 pm

Lunch: 12.30 pm - 1.25 pm

Learning Time: 1.30 pm - 3.00pm

All children are expected to arrive and leave the school grounds dressed in full school uniform (not PE Gear) including correct shoes.


The school must be notified of every absence from school. A phone call, note and now there is a Parent teacher app, the Parent teacher app is and easy way to look at the school calendar and report student absences.

To download the App, please search the play store or app store for the PARENT TEACHER CALENDAR APP. This is free to download. Ensure that if asked, you accept notifications. ( This enables the "Push" notification feature). You will be asked to select an area (Waikato) and then select our school. Remember, if using the app to report an absence you are required by law to also provide a reason for the absence, please report on the morning of the absence, that is all that is required. No child is to leave the school grounds at any time during school hours without permission. If parents need to collect their children during school hours it is important to inform the office, class or duty teacher.


The wearing of our school uniform is compulsory and is as follows:


Summer - checked pinafore, short sleeved polo shirt, black roman sandals, polar fleece with school logo and royal-blue sunhat (compulsory).

Winter - checked pinafore, long sleeved white polo shirt or white skivvy, black knee length socks or navy tights, standard black lace up shoes and polar fleece with school logo.


Summer – dark grey short sleeved polo shirt, grey shorts, brown roman sandals, polar fleece with school logo and royal-blue sunhat (compulsory).

Winter - grey long sleeved polo shirt, grey shorts, grey knee length socks, standard black lace up shoes and polar fleece with school logo.

PE/Sport Uniform

Blue PE t-shirt with school logo and black shorts. This uniform is worn on school sports days, physical education and inter-school activities.

You can purchase girls pinafores, polar fleece, sunhats and PE uniform through the school office. Polo shirts, grey shorts and black PE shorts from The Warehouse in Thames.

We have a selection of used uniforms at school available to parents for a small donation.

If for some reason correct uniform is (temporarily) unable to be worn, a note or a phone call is necessary.


It is expected that all bikes should be roadworthy and safe. It is a legal requirement that all cyclists must wear a cycle helmet. Children need to be 9 years old and use the Willoughby Street entrance. Road safety is paramount and children are expected to be aware of the road rules. Cycles are to be walked from the road end through school grounds, and kept in the bike racks. The bike racks are out of bounds during school hours. Children should use locks when leaving their bikes in these racks.


It is normal for children to want to bring their own toys, and such things to school. As a general rule toys are not permitted at school. Please note that teachers will not be responsible for the loss or damage of any of these items and it is the responsibility of students and parents.


Please name all items of clothing and other belongings. We try to return found items to their owners as soon as possible.


When sending money to school for whatever reason, please place it in an envelope with your child’s name, room number, amount and what it is for, clearly marked on the front.

Name………… Room No…


What it’s for………


We sell lunch items on a weekly basis. Currently the Year 6-8 students sell sausages for $2 every 2nd Thursday to fundraise for camp in term 4.


During school hours the office administrator assumes responsibility for the care of pupils in the sick bay. A sick child is accompanied to the office from his or her classroom to the sickbay, located in the administration block by the office, where they are monitored regularly. Parents or emergency caregivers are contacted if necessary. In the event of an injury occurring that necessitates medical attention, immediate contact with parent or emergency caregiver is established where possible, and transportation arranged to the Medical Centre.


Medication, including Panadol, required during school hours can be administered but first a consent form must be completed by a parent. Please see the office if a consent form is required. First doses of antibiotics or any medicine that the child has not had before should not be administered by the school. Please ensure medications are clearly labelled with the child’s name and the dosage required and handed in to the office.


Homework differs from class to class and normally teachers inform parents by newsletter concerning the amount of time children are expected to do homework. In general all homework is related to current class programmes. From Year 1 through to Year 8 a vital part of the children’s homework is Reading (Reading to Mum or Dad in the first years, then reading to themselves (recreational reading) as they get older). Other homework may include such things as spelling, RE, completion of unfinished class work, projects or weekly homework sheets.

Children would normally need to spend from 10-15 minutes per week night at Year 1 & 2 through to up to an hour Monday through to Thursday at Year 7 & 8 level. Parents are asked to make sure that this work is completed as set. A written note is appreciated when your child has not been able to complete his/her homework.


Parents are always welcome to discuss children's progress at any time but please make an appointment with your classroom teacher to do so. Teacher's are very busy people especially first thing in the morning with setting up lessons and settling children, so appointments should be arranged for discussions other than quick informal chats.

Children will bring home a Learning Journal towards the end of each term; this will contain learning from that term. There are two interviews per year, a goal setting one at the start of the year and a mid year progress interview. Two written reports are sent home during the year, mid-year and end of year.


Assemblies are held most Fridays at 2.30pm in the library. Classes take it in turn to lead these assemblies. Parents and Caregivers are most welcome to attend.


The school sends out newsletters weekly on Thursdays (via the eldest child) to keep parents informed on school matters. Children are expected to give these to parents. Classroom notices are also issued periodically. We welcome any contribution for our newsletters, especially items concerning present or past pupils. The newsletter is updated each week on the school website and a file of all newsletters, and other notices, sent home is kept on the foyer table for parents, and others, reference.


We have a well resourced library, and our stock of books is regularly added to. Classes visit the Library at least once weekly to read, and to personally select books for borrowing. Books that are lost or damaged whilst on loan will need to be replaced, and parents will be charged for this.


Children are encouraged to make good choices and to take responsibility for these choices. We believe that praise, whenever we can, produces the best response in children. Senior students are expected to be positive role models for the younger students.

OUR GOAL: ‘We want St. Joseph’s Catholic School in Paeroa to be a happy, safe and secure place for work and play’.

We can all help to make this happen by:

- Keeping ourselves, and others, safe;

- Treating ourselves, and others, with respect (through our words, our actions and our attitudes);

- Respecting all property – our own, the schools and other student’s property;

- Following our school rules.


We appreciate this at all times. Please speak to individual teachers if you are able to help in any way. Below is a list of some of the ways in which you could assist with the successful operation of our school. Please remember to feel free to come forward and offer your assistance or suggest some other ideas.

• Working in rooms with class programme

• Helping with class excursions and field trips

• Making apparatus and teaching equipment

• Assisting staff on sports days and exchanges

• Tutoring within special programmes

• Maintenance, repairing and cataloging of resource materials

• Library help

• Sports team coaching

• Helping with ‘Special Event’ days

• Assisting with fundraising

• Member of Parent Teacher Association group PTA

• Parent Assisted Special Needs, and literacy and numeracy programmes.


Invoices for attendance dues are sent out by the Catholic Integrated Schools Office in Hamilton, and parents pay directly to this office. Attendance dues are $444 per year. They are used to meet the Proprietor’s, Bishop Denis Browne, costs (including mortgages and other loans) on all Catholic Schools in the Hamilton Diocese. There are Scholarships and Hardship Grants available on application.

The Catholic Character Contribution is a voluntary donation to the Hamilton Diocese to support the teaching of the Religious Education Programme, along with the professional development of teachers.


Pre-schoolers, close to their fifth birthday, are welcome to visit school with their parent(s). Mornings are usually best. Please make arrangements through the office or with the Room 1 class teacher (Mrs Fiebig).

Enrolment forms are available from the office and are to be completed before a child starts school. New Entrants enrolments require a birth certificate and an immunisation certificate (from child’s doctor). Please bring these to the office along with your completed enrolment forms.

Parents seeking preference (Catholic) enrolment for their child(ren) will need to obtain a preference card from Catherine Swney (Principal).