St Joseph's Staff

The staff at St Joseph's Catholic Primary school would like to extend a warm welcome

Miss J. Walker ~ Headteacher

Miss M Dillon ~ Deputy Headteacher

Miss M Dillon ~ Year 6

Miss R Raymond - Year 5

Miss Y.Hidveghy ~ Year 4

Mrs L Haggerty~ Year 3

Miss O'Shaughnessy - Year 2

Miss V Sweeney ~ Year 1

Mrs Carpel & Mrs Fletcher ~ Reception

Mrs R Whitebread - SENCo

Mrs Pownceby - PPA & SLT cover

Mrs Carpel (maternity leave)

Teaching Assistants

Mrs P. Edwards

Mrs W. Haywood

Mrs A. Lewis

Mrs P. Manifold

Mrs K. O'Keeffe

Miss M O'Shaughnessy

Mrs D. Sims

Mrs K. Smith

Mrs J. Wilson

Mrs Sutherland (HLTA)

Additional Midday Assistant

Mrs T. Florence

Mrs G. Salmon

Administration Staff

Mrs K.Smith ~ Finance Manager

Mrs H Cregan ~ Attendance & Admissions Officer

Mrs E. Pearce ~ Administration Assistant

Site Staff

Mrs J. Phillips - Caretaker

Mrs C. Parsons - Cleaner

Miss A. Harlow - Cleaner

Catering Team

Mrs L.Machon - Cook

Mrs M.Johnstone - Assistant Cook

Mrs J.Larman - Assistant Cook

Mrs S.Cassar - Assistant Cook

Breakfast Club

Mrs J.Fleming

Mrs J.Wilson