Adult Studies

Opening the Word is a program offering prayer and insights for the Sunday Readings. Currently there is a group meeting from 6-7pm on Wednesday nights.

Contact Kim Spieker to join. Additional group times can be added!

Each week features a variety of experienced presenters and are designed to facilitate thought and discussion for personal faith formation. Personal Prayer pamphlets are available to make the most of the Sunday readings each week.

This is a 'STRESS FREE' hour! No homework! Perfect time for faith, sharing and support.

Saints Club meets on the third Monday each month from 7-8pm at the Parish Center

Men, women & youth are all welcome to learn more about the Saints! Each month there is a new saint presented by a volunteer.

The saints have shown us that there is the possibility of living Godwardly in this life, however imperfectly we do it. Saints are simply people who have chosen to point their lives in what they believe is God's direction, and there are enough lives pointed in the same direction that it begins to look like a long procession of people, all walking the same path, keeping each other company. --Molly Wolf