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It's undeniable that the men of Northeast Nebraska are some of the hardest working in the country. Amidst the business it can be difficult to step back and reassess the foundation from which we labor. Is there a better time than now? Through prayer, keynotes, fellowship and challenge, this one day conference aims to help establish a firm foundation rooted in Christ.

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Message from Fr Vogel:

We have six weeks of Ordinary Time before Lent begins. This year we are again encouraging parishioners to participate in Live Lent Together small prayer groups. Live Lent Together encourages the habits of prayer, compassion, and friendship. It is also an important step in our journey to be a more missional community. This year we are encouraging materials called “Nourish” that will lead us to reflect more deeply upon the great gift of the Eucharist.

Lent is more than just giving something up. It’s an opportunity to refocus on Jesus. And you don’t have to go it alone, either.

Jesus spent most of his public life with a small group of disciples who went on to change the world. This Lent, gather a small group and break open God's Word.

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St. Joseph's - Kim Spieker
St. Mary's - Joe & Lisa Schmit
St. Jane Frances - Mary Ann Schlichling

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July 1st 2023

RCIA 2022-2023

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Bless all who set their hands and hearts to the work of the Seminary. We pray for the students, all who are deepening their preparation to lead your Church faithfully and effectively. Bless our Seminarians with grace, strength, and wisdom for the work to which you have called them.

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