Mrs. Beck


News from Mrs. Beck:

4th through 8th grade ensure that you have competed all your assignments. If you didn't do well you may make corrections.

Junior High your grades are correct in Power School. If you think there is an error contact me.

K-3 you will not be receiving a report card for Physical Education Class. Please contact me if you have any questions.


Please see the Extended Learning page for K-3 students assignments. K-3 moving forward will not be turning in anything for Physical Education Class.

4th grade through 8th grade students will now have a Specials Google Classroom. It is the former Computer Classroom. You will be able to find all your specials classes in one place. Your specials classes are not optional unless stated.

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Get out and Play 60 Minutes EVERY Day!

If you would like to view the Indiana State Standards for Physical Education click here.