Minds in Motion

We at St. Joseph are excited to offer your children in K-5th the Minds in Motion program!

Minds in Motion is a unique movement-based program that focuses on improving students’ cognitive functioning by integrating specialized but simple movements.

Brain research shows that students use all their senses to learn. Moving their bodies in specific patterns stimulates and integrates areas of the brain to help students be efficient learners.

Minds in Motion has proven to be effective for children who already perform well, and for those students who are faced with challenges of learning, attention, or processing.

Minds in Motion is a maze/obstacle course that takes 3-5 minutes for each student to complete. There are up to 15 specific activities that stimulate and integrate a student’s brain. The activities focus on balance, vision, and right/left patterning. K-5th grade students go through the maze 2-3 times a week based on their class schedule.

Each K-2nd class comes once a week for 30 minutes for Minds and More. During this time students will participate in sensory exercises, fine motor activities, visual activities and auditory activities.

I look forward to partnering with you and the teachers through this program to develop and support the whole student.

Julie Urbany