St Joseph's

Veritas Challenge

Year 8 leaders 2018

Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC)

Year 8 Camp Preparation = 10 points

Local walks = 10 points

Caritas Challenge = 10 points

Golf = 10 points

Curling = 10 points

Following activities = 5 points

Herbert Forest Walk

Whitestone Wipeout

A triathlon

Any other approved event of your choice


Compulsory part of leadership in year 8 - being able to plan projects = create SMART goals, action plans, outcomes and reflections. One per term = 10 points each.

Coming up with and following through a new initiative = 5 points.


One of these = 10 points, any further = 5 points each

Pasifika performance group

Kapa Haka

Dominican Choir

Participation in competitions when they come up e.g. photography, art, creative writing.

Other approved cultural or creative activity.


One of these = 10 points, any further = 5 points each.

Young Vinnies

Dominican Choir - attendance for Sunday mass when required.

Altar serving or mass ministeries

Pastoral projects from the parish

Any local community service projects

Keeping track and keeping inspired

Maintain your personal blog.

1 post per week for a whole term of published writing relevant to this challenge at the highest writing level you are presently capable of e.g. Level 4 writers must consistently produce level 4 writing. If you are at level 2 writing you must consistently be producing level 2 writing. All writers must show evidence of working on their next learning step in writing = 10 points.

Follow an inspiring leader's blog and write one comment per week at the top of your writing ability and pushing your next learning step = 10 points.

If you get 2 replies from a famous/inspiring leader's blog = 5 points.

Bronze Level = 180 points - this level means you have been an EXCEPTIONAL leader in year 8 and if you follow your leadership program and this challenge you will attain this level.

Silver Level = 205 points - beyond exceptional

Gold Level = 230 points - aspirational - some may get there

You will need to work consistently through to term 4 to achieve a leadership award. Each level will have a leadership badge and certificate and your achievement will be reported to your high school as well as recognised in our newsblog, assembly and hopefully the local paper. St Kevin's College will allow you to wear the badge on your blazer.

The score sheets for each student are private to the student and teacher. Access for parents to their child's scoresheet will be granted on request. Click on the sheet and request access.