What's On This Week

Week 10 Term 3 2018

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9am - whole school prayers

12.00 - extension maths

1.15 - Technology Yr 7 & 8

1.30 - SJH & JH to LFR - for heads up on extras for intermediate in term 4

3.15 - Staff Toanga


8,00 - Staff choir practice

8.30am - NW/LFR

9.30 - Writing group LFR - last session for this group

12.00 - Extension maths LFR - last session for this group

12.30 - Dominican Choir

6.00pm - Year 8 camp parent information evening


8.00 - Thinktank

LFR take year 7 until 10am

11am - Kotuitui

1pm- JH/LFR

1.30pm LFR work with environment group children

7.00pm - COL stewardship group


9.00am - Whole School Prayers - LFR to take year 8 until 10am

After prayers - presentations from Circle of Friends and Environment Group

Year 8 - set up hall for singing cup

10.00 - Enrolment

1.30pm - Reading Recovery - no Terrific Thursdays

3.15pm -Staff Choir practice

3.45pm - Sara appraisal

7.00 - Home and School


9.15am - Singing Cup - solo and duets

2.00pm - Singing Cup - House Choirs - presentation of trophies - staff choir

Year 7 set up seating for mass

3.15pm - Wellbeing team catchup


Staff progressive dinner - Saturday

NOPPA Conference - Sunday and Monday at SKC


  • To the whole staff for your flexibility this week. Particular mention to Jan, Morgan, Jennifer, and Sara who've dropped their timetable/expectation of the moment and did what needed to be done for the team.
  • Nicola for your calmness and patience when organising relievers - making 14 phone calls and no luck but still smiling. Keeping us going in the background and providing a teacher in the morning come what may. For your care and consideration of our staff and insisting they take the time they need.
  • Jan, Tua, Danique, Jennifer, Leanne - for preparing and supporting our multicultural hui.
  • Senior and intermediate teachers for supporting our year 8 leaders with house choirs.
  • Morgan - for recording our science exemplars.
  • Our Board for TWO board meetings last week.
  • Our DRSs - Leanne and Nicola for extra preparation for our special character review.
  • Adrienne for supporting our gymnastics teams on Wednesday and Sara for preparing them.
  • Anne and Paula for continuing to keep things ticking over in the office so efficiently.
  • Our support staff for being open to new learning and always supporting our children.


Junior second set of running records on Edge


Liturgical Season: Ordinary Time




SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, MARK 9:38-43, 45, 47-48

(Numbers 11:25-29; Psalm 19; James 5:1-6)

KEY VERSE: "For whoever is not against us is for us.” (v 40)

TO KNOW: Jesus' disciples had seen a man using the all-powerful name of Jesus to defeat the demons. They tried to stop him because he did not belong to their community. But Jesus challenged the closed-mindedness of his disciples, and encouraged them to imitate God's tolerance toward all people of good will. No one could do a work in Jesus' name and be his enemy: "whoever is not against us is for us" (v 40). The work of the kingdom of God was not restricted to the disciples alone; they must affirm the good in others wherever they found it. Jesus warned them to do nothing that would scandalize his "little ones" (v 42), the poor and lowly in the Christian community. Using Semitic hyperbole, Jesus said that it would be better to enter God's kingdom crippled and maimed than to be cast into the fires of "Gehenna" (another name for the valley of Hinnom located just outside the walls of Jerusalem). Judean kings Ahaz and Manasseh carried out idolatrous worship there, which included human sacrifices to Baal (2 Chron 28:1, 3, 33:1, 6. Jer 7:30-31). Later, it served as a garbage dump where refuse and dead animals were cast into the smoldering fire to be consumed. Gehenna and its never-ending fires became synonymous with a place of total destruction and everlasting judgment of the wicked.

TO LOVE: Do I try to eradicate anything in my life that would keep me from the kingdom of God?

TO SERVE: Lord Jesus, help me to see all people through your eyes.

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