Junior Writing

Writing to Instruct Week 5

Junior Writing Week 5: May 11-15

Hello awesome authors. As we get ready to go back to school, many of you are starting to want some more time playing and being with your family. This week we will do less writing to give you a chance to breathe before we go back to school. Choose one writing activity from the 5 choices. If you want to do more, then you may also do more than one. It is up to you! New entrants can draw picture instructions. Please share your writing on Google classroom and remember your writing goal as you begin your planning. See you soon!

Writing To Instruct Week 4

Junior Writing Week 4: May 5 - 9

Hello awesome authors. This week we will explore Writing to Instruct. What is it? What are the features of instructions? Let's find out!

Writing- Junior Hub Week 3

Junior Writing Week 3: April 29-May 1

Hello everyone and welcome to week 3! Click on the slideshow on the left to open it up. On Wednesday there are three different slideshows depending on if you are able to write more than one sentence, learning to write or able to write one sentence. Enjoy this final week of recount writing! Mrs. T.

Junior Hub Writing Week 2

Junior Writing Week 2: April 20- 24

Hello everyone and welcome to Week 2! Click on the slideshow on the left to open it up. You will need to scroll through the slides to get to the schedule. If you need any help, let me know via email.

Writing- Junior Hub Week 1

Junior Writing Week 1: April 15-17

Open up the slideshow on the left to access the activities for this week.