Junior Reading


A short tutorial for parents on how to use the pause, prompt, praise strategy

PM Reader instructions for families.mp4

Instructions for families on using PM Readers

Reading during Home/School Learning Time

Children who are learning to read and are reading between levels 1 to 15 have been split up amongst the teachers so each teacher, or teacher's aide will have a group of about 4 children. The tutors are Mrs Brookes, Mrs Misiloi, Mrs Thomas, Mrs Frances-Rees, Mrs Dooley, Mrs Spillane, Mrs Fatafehi, and Mrs Stringer.

These children will have a reading lesson daily one-on-one with their tutor. Your child's tutor will make contact with you on the first day of term to establish how and when they will do this.

Children who are reading between level 16 and 22 have been grouped. These children are working with Miss Sollano. These children will be given books and work to do from their teacher over the course of the week. They will have one online group session with their teacher each week. If their teacher feels they are struggling or need more attention they will contact you.