Junior Base Page

This Week's Gospel - John 14: 1-12

Wednesday 13th May

For prayer today listen to and follow the

words of:

St Francis’ Canticle of the Sun

Teacher Meet Up Times

Meet ups are by Google Meetings, a link for the meeting is on the head page of your Google Classroom

Mrs Brookes: Friday 11am Zoom

Mrs Misiloi:

Tuesday 12 noon, Friday 12 noon

Miss Sollano:

Wednesday 10am, Thursday 10am

1.30pm daily (weekdays) - story time

Learning Capabilities

This time has unique opportunities to support the children to be lifelong learners. We are focusing on these aspects of learner capabilities in order to help them to do this:

  • Create simple representations of ideas and be able to talk to these (Reverence/Making Meaning).
  • Participate in rich experiences across the curriculum in order to nurture curiosity and questioning (Resilience / Critical Inquiry).
  • Demonstrate an awareness that others may feel or think differently (Relationships/Perspectives).
  • Take risks and accept that making mistakes is a part of learning (Respect / Taking Action).

Day/Week Suggested Schedule

At school we always start the week with the shared Gospel for the week. Each day we start with class prayers - the prayer for the day is above. You could start your day's learning by sharing this prayer.

Pukeko Daily Schedule

Prayer - above

RE (25 mins) Google Classroom

Go Noodle PE on Google Classroom

Literacy Read Epic or ePM and Reading lesson (with Tutor every second day) Writing - above 30 mins

Maths - above or Maths Buddy or Studdyladder 15 mins

Other - Social Studies on Google Classroom

Kereru Class Daily Schedule

Prayer -On Junior Base Page

R.E Holy Spirit- Google classroom

Literacy - Epic! PM Readers, Ready to Read- audio , Storytime- audio

Guided Reading -one to one reading (with teacher)

Maths- Maths Buddy Junior Base Maths Splash Learn

Writing- Mrs Thomas

P.E/Fitness - Go Noodle Jump Jam -google classroom

Other- Inquiry Learning- Social Study , Art Activity , Health, Science on google classroom

Kiwi Class Daily Schedule



Literacy - EPIC! and Guided Reading

Physical Education - Jump Jam or Go Noodle

Writing - Mrs Thomas

Mathematics - MathsBuddy , Studyladder, Math Prodigy

Other - Arts, Digital Citizenship, Inquiry

Core Curriculum

Religious Education

Delivered in Google Classroom - please check daily. Login to your school gmail account to get into your Google Classroom.

Page with our overall approach to reading. You will have your own schedule for this

Page with examples of support you can do at home. 10 minutes per day at your child's level will be very helpful.

Mrs Thomas is delivering the writing lessons and will give feedback in the Google classrooms. Check this page for lessons

Link to PE page, click above

Curriculum Learning

Integrated Learning - Free Choice - Personal Interest and Extension


Curriculum Area