Intermediate Base Page

Daily Prayer

Teacher Meet Up Times

Meet ups are by Google Meetings, the link to the meeting is on the header of your Google Classroom

Mrs Herbst:

Every day 11.30am

Mrs Jones-Hogan:

Tuesday 1.30pm, Thursday 1.30pm

This Week's Gospel - Promise of the Holy Spirit

John 14: 14-31

Learning Capabilities

This time has unique opportunities to support the children to be lifelong learners. We are focusing on these aspects of learner capabilities in order to help them to do this:

  • Respond positively to critique of their own explanations and representations (Reverence/Making Meaning).
  • Pose relevant questions and make their own investigations and designs across the curriculum. (Resilience / Critical Inquiry).
  • Demonstrate and explain that there may be more than one answer while maintaining personal identity (Relationships/Perspectives).
  • Independently engage in self-managing, self-sustaining, reflective learning processes (Respect / Taking Action).

Day/Week Suggested Schedule

At school we always start the week with the shared Gospel for the week. You can access it here.

Each day we start with class prayers - the prayer for the day is above. You could start your day's learning by sharing this prayer.

Core Curriculum

Delivered in Google Classroom - please check daily. Login to your school gmail account to get into your Google Classroom.

Curriculum Learning

Integrated Learning - Free Choice - Personal Interest and Extension


Singing Cup

is going to be in Term 2 - if all goes well and if we can do gatherings. Start looking for a song that you could enter Singing Cup with. For House Leaders start thinking about House Choir songs.

You might even write a song. There will be more posted here about how to do this.

All Year 8 leaders, have a think about how we might do Singing Cup if we are not able to do large gatherings.

You could develop your capability of perspective-taking by developing your own way of presenting the song. You could develop your ability to take action by sharing rehearsals of your performance with friends and asking for feedback. You would use the for your own reflection to improve your performance.

Curriculum Area

The Arts:

Music - in Context: explore ideas about how music serves a variety of purposes and functions in your lives and in your Communities (L3)

Communicating and Interpreting: Prepare and present (brief=L3) performances of music, using performance skills and techniques (L4)

Respond to and reflect on live and recorded music (L3)

or, Reflect on the expressive qualities of their own and others’ music, both live and recorded (L4)


Earthweek Challenge - Connecting with nature through art

The Art of Andy Goldsworthy- Radial Designs from Nature

Curriculum Area

The Arts:

Visual Art - Developing Ideas: Develop and revisit visual ideas, in response to a variety of motivations, observation, and imagination, supported by the study of artists’ works.(L3 & 4)