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Lockdown Level 4 August 18-24 2021

Browse resources that have been selected by the Ministry of Education to support learning at home.

Resources for school years 1 to 4

Resources for school years 5 to 8

Google Classrooms - (Please refer to emails from your classroom teacher for details to access)

Introduction video.

Setting up for home / school learning

Getting going in Google Classroom

Introduction - talking about the new learning situation.mp4
setting up for online learning - daily.mp4
Using Google Classroom.mp4

If you have any trouble with your school gmail account or getting into Google classroom email Lorraine at principal@stjoseph.school.nz. For passwords within Google Classroom - ask teacher directly.

A parent's guide to Google classroom:

Gospel Week 2 Term 2.mp4
Week 3 Term 2 Prayer & Gospel (1).mp4