Virtual Library

Unite for Literacy was voted as one of the best teaching and learning resources for 2019. It provides free access to many online books in Spanish and English. It also has a read aloud option and you can select from 43 languages for read alouds.

A free website of astronauts reading your favourite stories to you from space! A great selection of stories here like "Rosie Revere Engineer" and "Ada Twist Scientist".

Watch and listen to your favourite actors and actresses reading your favourite story and read along with them! Some books to get you started: "Here Comes The Garbage Barge", "Stellaluna" and "Enemy Pie".

This is an award winning website. Explore the world of children's literature. There's a section for kids' crafts, read out loud and some drawing instruction videos. Did you know that your reading comprehension will never be better than your listening comprehension? Well, now you can improve your listening comprehension by tuning in to their podcasts!

For as long as schools are closed audible will be free. Join thousands of children worldwide in streaming free audio books with many different titles that will support you to dream, learn and be kids. You can stream on any device, just sign up. Remember to always get your parents permission before signing up to anything online!

General Research Websites

If you are looking for information remember to use a Safe Search Engine like "Duck, Duck Go", "Dinosearch" or click on the button to go to "Safe Search Kids".

Go to DK Findout to learn about coding, history, the human body, science and more!

What wonderings do you have? Go to Wonderopolis to find some answers to questions that you may have.

Scholastic Study Jams will introduce you to the world of Science and will help you with some Maths concepts too. Sing along to some songs to help you learn scientific vocabulary.

Do you want to try some experiments? Look no further than Science Bob for help. Remember to ask your parents permission first before trying something!