The Truth about Plastic

Plastic pollution

Oceans all over the planet look like this. A horrible dump for the plastic that we can't recycle. If this continues, we could be the end of all life on Earth. The plastic flows into seas and oceans, possibly from your own bin or drain, and they litter the water surface of our Earth.

Animals Affected by Plastic

Animals are swallowing plastic as we speak. Millions of marine life die of plastic every year, and it is estimated that roughly one million seagulls die of eating it too! Marine animals (including mammals, fish, turtles and birds) die from the plastic debris which enters our oceans. Though people may not believe this, it is actually we who are ridding our world of marine life by unconsciously dumping plastic; we must do something, sooner or later.

Whale have been washed up dead by the shore-found to have swallowed 60 plastic bags. Turtles have been spotted witrh their nose bleeding after having a plastic staw up their nose, and seals have died of having all sorts of plastic around their neck. Whats next? DO SOMETHING

Micro plastic

How would you react if I told you that you could have swallowed micro plastic as small as this through eating fish that swallowed it from even smaller fish? As plastic breaks down into tinier pieces, plankton and small fish swallow this substance and larger animals consume theses creatures - with plastic inside of them. As the plastic goes higher up the food chain, soon we will be affected by plastic as well. The more we produce, the higher the chance that we will have plastic in our own stomachs.

Nurdles are a popular types of micro plastic so be aware of them in packages or products. They are extremely bad for the ocean, and so are the following: Beauty products, toothpaste, tyres, glitter, wetwipes and teabags. These all include microplastics.

Did you know? Soft Drinks are said to contain tens and hundreds of microplastics!

Your straws!

When you have milk what happens to the straw? Well I can tell you about one straw that ended up in his nose because of us. Many people carelessly throw away their straws, without meaning to harm a harmless marine creature, who was probably floating around innocently in the sea and unexpectedly got harmed for no reason whatsoever. This is unacceptable. Creatures should not pay for what we do.